better apprehend and understand the construction and measures of the social security financing (“plfss”)

GD Avocats and nile, a public affairs consultancy dedicated to health actors, have created the Club PLFSS, a laboratory of ideas and proposals within which members can inform themselves, reflect, share, and make proposals and recommendations on the Social Security Financing Bills. It brings together representatives of all health stakeholders.

The objectives of the Club PLFSS : to provide its members with the “tools” to :

  • analyse the past and future legislative and political situation
  • understand the construction of a Social Security Financing Bill
  • create or reinforce exchanges that may already exist between actors
  • produce elements of reflection to contribute to the Social Security Financing Bills
  • enrich the reflection on French law and regulation on health issues

A creation in a context marked by reforms

The complexity of the texts is “gripping” the public debate on the Social Security Financing Bills. On the one hand, the difficulty of reading texts makes it difficult for citizens and users of the health system to access information. On the other hand, the technical nature of the measures requires support for the actors concerned. Finally, the constrained economic context with the postponement of the return to balance of the social accounts reinforces the need for the creation of a think tank on the Social Security Financing Bills.

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