Relations with healthcare players : secure your projects

Planning to support an event, make a donation or pay a healthcare professional ?

We will assess the risks associated with your project and, if necessary, advise you on how to make it more secure without losing sight of your objectives !

Advertising: make sure you are in compliance

Planning to create and distribute content about your healthcare products or the pathologies for which they are intended ? Have you identified unfair practices by your competitors that you would like to put an end to ?

We will help you make the most of the regulations for your communications, and support you in putting an end to unfair practices by your competitors.

Your business is regulated: understand your obligations

Planning to optimize the distribution of your products (quotas, exports, direct sales, etc.) ? Planning to subcontract certain activities ? Facing a shortage situation ?   

Your obligations are linked to your status and the ones of your products. We will help you to optimize your business model and to anticipate and manage risks (with regard to the authorities and your co-contractors in particular).

We believe that our job makes the most sense when we understand your reality and your challenges.

Our expertise